Asphalt Repair

Not only are can Sonnenberg lay asphalt for new construction, or overlay existing surfaces, but we also have extensive experience in asphalt repair. We can evaluate your driveway or parking lot, and in many cases, simply patch and repair cracks and other types of damage. Below are our main repair services:

Asphalt Patching

  • Deterioration of asphalt can be caused by poor underlying base, improper drainage, faulty construction of initial pavement, etc.
  • We evaluate why the failure of your pavement occurred and propose the CORRECT way to fix the problem.

Crack Treatments

  • Cracks left untreated allow moisture to compromise the integrity of the underlying base. This will eventually lead to pavement failure, and potholes, which means increased maintenance costs.
  • We protect pavements by using CRAFCO products
  • We also do joint sealing on concrete roadways